Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Chapter 7: When you present your swimwear line at a major huge-ass trade show.

yellow there mates!

I guess if you arrived at this blog via the La Belle Rebelle website, the fact that I'm a swimwear designer may come as no surprise to you (if it does you obviously did not pay attention to the website.)

I must admit I was at the verge of giving up the blog in its entirety (let's blame Instagram and Facebook I guess ), but then I realized there has GOT to be people out there who still enjoy pictures larger than the size of an iPhone screen, and that actually still enjoy reading, a little. 

aaaanywho, a month ago I presented La Belle Rebelle at the Miami Swimshow and it was quite the experience!

I was pretty pleased with the way the booth turned out, and extremely pleased with the 3-gallon mint lemonade dispenser we had at the booth everyday, haha.

Our lovely mannequin (can't believe I haven't gave her a name yet!) wearing the lovely Midnight Rambler Drums suit.

My business cards! They make me feel like such an adult.

The catalogs! Damn they turned out good! I'll share the content with you in a bit.

The Midnight Rambler feathers might just be my favorite out of the whole line. Might.

Hope you enjoyed the very large sized images! More La Belle Rebelle goodness coming soon. yahoo!