Thursday, June 7, 2012

Chapter 5: When you decide to leave the theater and end up howling at the full moon.

So last weekend the Independent European Film Festival came to the state of the oranges, and I headed to the Miami Beach Cinematheque based on the fact that they never seem to faux pas on their film selections.
13 dollars later ($10 for the ticket and $3 for the mixed nuts), I was ready for the evening feature; Palazzo Delle Aquile.
45 minutes into the movie, due to the complete absence of a script and the overdose of screaming italians, me and my party left the building regretting having lost 45 minutes of youth.

But hey! Night is young, so am I, and the moon happens to be full.

So we headed to this art gallery called Moksha where the fullness of this luminous body of the heavens was a perfect excuse to dance barefoot, play with fire (literally), eat weird-yet-delicious ethnic food, and drink Newcastle.

For some unexplainable reason, this was also taking place.

These are some of the characters I found portrait-worthy:

And of course it can't be a party without the terrible inverted Rolling Stones tattoo which I believe is awesome and very, very rock n roll.

Sweet times.

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