Monday, July 23, 2012

A Series of Mini-Chapters That Took Place Over The Weekend, Vol.2

So the Saturday before last Saturday, my brother (who last year won an Audi at the Duty Free Shop in the airport in Uruguay and now owns a bar, I know, crazy story) came to town. My dad and I had this wicked plan to make him want to stay in Miami for a while longer, so I decided to refrain from the usual lame-o (I love saying "lame-o", I don't care if it's lame to say "lame-o") tourist-oriented Miami activities, and take him to Art Walk (of course I had to carefully escape from the galleries that thought I was a New York Times Russian editor... yeah)

These are a few things that grabbed my attention:

That's me. My hair is brown now. Caramel brown, according to the box.

At one point of the evening, we decided to go to the Electric Pickle but got ridiculously and dangerously lost, and for some reason we ended up at this... I should call it "bar", but then I'm not sure that place fell under the category. Actually, I'm not sure if it fell under any category of anything in this planet. 

Basically, it was a 2 by 2 hot, sweat -infused room with a Jamaican lady behind a bar serving ice cold Heineken and watching TV.  Oh, and there was a jukebox with pure latin american music, except for 2 artists: Eagles and Bee Gees. I know. Randomness in its purest form. 

And the bathroom didn't go to work.

More stories coming soon! 


  1. Great pictures! I went to the art walk for the first time last month. I loved it! Oh and your bathing suits are phenomenal!

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