Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Series of Mini-Chapters That Took Place Over The Weekend

I must confess it was quite tough for me to become friends with Florida. The ridiculously huge distances, the heat, the ridiculously tight dresses, the heat, how ridiculously hard it is to make friends, and my God the heat!

But lately this fun-filled peninsula has proven to be more that the state where people come to die (hope you got the Seinfeld reference!) and has made me contemplate the possibility of actually staying here for quite a long time.

So on Friday I headed over to the Kyma Lounge at the Epic Hotel where the Mia Shoes event was taking place.

This girl was definitely Best Dressed of the night. I'm not quite sure my camera is doing her outfit enough justice. But trust me: absolutely fucking perfect!

This zipper necklace was really close-up worthy.

It was really cool meeting the lovely, impeccably dressed Ria Michelle, one of Miami's most renowned fashion bloggers. She's a sweetheart and looked ADORABLE.

Next up is the Art Walk Chronicles. Pretty, pretty, pretty interesting Saturday that was.

But I'm gonna post later about it cause right now there's a booth space at the Convention Center with La Belle Rebelle's name on it and someone has to set it up. And that someone would be me. Yay!

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  1. Ahhh it's me! Thanks for taking my photo and all your kind words. <3