Thursday, May 24, 2012

Chapter 1. B side.

Belle told me to post this photo.

So you're young and hot and damned and conflicted. Half gloria. Half Anthony. Half adult. Half a 6 year old kid. Half vegetarian (and by that I mean that half a meal a day is vegetarian). And one day you find yourself starting a blog, making your more random thoughts public… when you swear that there's nothing more precious than anonymity - the power of doing whatever you feel like doing without being noticed for that-.

So (again) you ask yourself: -why do I (we) write a blog? Why do I write at all? The answer that comes to my mind is "i write for the hell of it" and I think thats the most beautiful reason to do anything. But that's a lie. I had a boyfriend for the past 5 years. It felt like 10 or only a month and 23 days depending from which conversation we're looking at this matter. i used to read a lot when I was a kid. I used to write 18 lines for every 98 pages I read. When I started dating my ex i stopped reading. I stopped writing. I stopped doing basically anything that was not loving him. I realized that love distracts me from everything else. What I enjoy the most abut reading is underlining (yeah, I wrote this in thousand emails) finding pieces of me in the text . And I realized that everything i'm always looking for is love (a boyfriend, a platonic love, a puppy to rub his belly, a beach, a rain or 27 pieces of my favorite sushi). During 5 years reading and writing felt redundant. But now I have to read about love again, now I have to write about love again, and now I have to stare at a page in a book in the subway again(while my mind gets distracted by all kinds of hot stupidity i have around).

 So (again, again)… here we go.

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