Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Girl Crush vol.1

Before I start typing my first ever "Girl Crush" post, I believe it is necessary to previously state that this is not my lame way of saying "I'm gay"(the day I announce my gayness to the world, at least I'm gonna have the decency to write it on cookies with Betty Crocker vanilla icing and give them to each and every passerby), but it is more of a recollection of images of these girls whose beauty makes me wanna run back to my mom's uterus and stay there until I'm reborn again.

This time is Abbey Lee Kershaw, shot by Hedi Slimane (who should come back to Dior ASAP! seriously, do come back).

So this is my non-homosexual homage to this beautiful Australian creature. Now I'm off to a slumber party with my friends from the cheerleader squad, we're gonna pillow fight in our underwear and feed each other strawberries and whipped cream. Maybe in slow motion. See ya later.

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