Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Chapter 4: When you share your beach towel with 60 people.

So this past Monday we all celebrated Memorial Day (which is actually kind of a sad date since we're supposed to be remembering fallen soldiers, but F that! let's get drunk and not remember shit!) and I decided to check out a very inviting daytime event (love those!) taking place at the beach in 41st and Collins.

Artist (and totally cool friendly dude) Misael Soto made this towel of ginormous magnitude, and layed it on the sand inviting everyone to celebrate "communal transcendence above the conditioning of capitalism", as well as eating arroz con pollo and drinking your poison of choice (which hopefully it's not Four Loko). 

So there I went, wearing a badass swimsuit with my most valuable friends; iPod and Book, expecting well... I had no idea what I could run myself into except a huge-ass towel.

The event was insanely fun, met a bunch of great people that make Miami worth living in, ate fresh watermelon and took some pictures with my brand new camera.

And then 90s teen played, which was a very pleasant surprise (and makes miami worth living in).

Get your SPF ready East Coast; the Towel is coming to you soon! Yahoo!

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  1. En Uruguay esas cosas no pasan. Bueno, en verano capaz. Pero todos ya se conocerían o serían primos de alguien que conocés.