Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Chapter 3: When you dye your hair a color your parents disapprove of, yet again.

It gets to a point in life in which some problematic events only have two possible solutions:

a) get tattoo
b) dye hair*

And since the rest of body area uncovered by ink that I believe tattoo-appropiate is already booked for something that is meaningful/aesthetically beautiful/makes moderate sense one drunk night, solution b is always applicable and more affordable than option a (unless you're in jail, of course, which, in that case, none of the options will have a significant impact on your problems. yeah. you're fucked.)

So I decided to go for this neon orange color.

14 dollars and a road trip to Sally's Beauty Supply later, I was able to make this short non-HD video with my modest iMovie skills showing the results.


*Disclaimer: The solutions presented above will by no means solve your problematic events, but they might improve your conditions to effectively design a plan that eventually will. Hopefully.


  1. No puedo evitar la cantidad obscena de mates que hay detrás de tí.

  2. quienes estarian siendo estos mates? mates as in "lads" o mates as in "la bebida herbal autoctona del Uruguay?"