Friday, May 25, 2012

Ridiculously Early Birthday Wish List.

If there's something my birthdays will never be remembered by, is presents. I know it sounds kind of sad, but please do not pity me, I bet your mom does not know how to make a strawberry short cake like mine does. No, no, seriously. She doesn't.

So thanks to the wonders of the Internet and 5 cans of Coke Zero that kept me up all night (so apparently I'm not immune to caffeine, go figure!) , I was able to craft one ridiculously pricy, ridiculously early birthday wish list.

So here it goes.

These shoes from To Be Announced.

The Quine Tapes by The Velvet Underground.

This wallpaper on my wall.

This one on another wall.

This Prada S/S 2012 bag.

This pretzel-shaped float. 

This for breakfast.

This for lunch.

These sunglasses from A Morir. 

These notebooks. 

This DVD.

The entire S/S 2012 collection by Lesya Paramonova. 

And last but definitely not least, the Asian Hello Kitty thingy to make your food look creepy as fuck. Cause hey, nothing says "Happy Birthday" like a wiener with a cat face in it! 

Happy birthday to me!

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