Friday, May 11, 2012

Chapter 1: When you decide to join yet another web-based platform.

So you're young and hot (at least creepy unfamiliar dudes that really enjoy your profile pictures seem to think so) and you wander around looking for something you just don't seem to quite figure out what the hell it is.
So you spend your days and nights listening to the Rolling Stones (mixed with some less sophisticated things by The Artist Known as The Spice Girls), smoking way too much (for a person that's supposed to be quitting) and rambling on and on about... well... things you just can't figure out what the hell they are.

So for some reason you're yet to discover, you get to the conclusion that the missing factor is love.

And what better way to find love than to dress as slutty as your closet allows you to be (American Apparel slutty, not Guess slutty, geez!) , take one of the zillion taxis (please call it a taxi, never, EVER, call it a "cab") that invade the city and head over to that grimy, vodka-and-vomit infused joint you call your second home and shake your hot body (at least creepy unfamiliar dudes that comment on your profile pictures seem to think so) to Crystal Castles.

And then, you start a blog.

So this is me, starting a blog.

I'm a 24 year old girl... woman... (let's just go with "human being") who went to bed one day at age 19 and woke up the next morning at age 24 (metaphorically speaking, fortunately I wasn't in a coma for 5 years) and whose life is reigned by the three S's: Seinfeld, Sushi, and Stones.

Counting on the fact that is 5:09 on a weekday (and I do work tomorrow) I guess it's not the time (not the place) to be writing my first novel. So I'll try to keep my posts a tad shorter. I promise. Then again, I'm not the best promise keeper so don't trust me on that one.

Uhm. Yeah. 


  1. Me gustan tus rants en inglés. Cuando quieras me sumo al slutty dance, yo no tengo ropa ni de guess ni de american apparel porque no tengo plata, capaz tengo algo muy slutty de daniel cassin.

  2. I have two S's and a U: Stalking, Suite Adobe, and Unruly Boyfriends... Ahem... I mean Girlfriends.

    - Creepy Unfamiliar Dude That Comments On Your Profile Pictures That Seems To Think You Have A Hot Body